The Loser at BAM

Couple of nice reviews of David Lang’s “The Loser” at BAM, set design by moi.

 New York Times “In This One Man Opera, It’s All in His Head”

Observer “Cold, Ironic Opera ‘the loser’ Hovers Over BAM”
screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-6-50-58-pm“Intriguing ambiguity permeates every element of David Lang’s “The Loser,” a mysterious 60-minute chamber opera. Or is it an austerely staged concert work? Or an in-your-face monologue for baritone?…At the opera house, the audience sits only in the mezzanine. The narrator, here the baritone Rod Gilfry in a tour-de-force performance, dressed in a tuxedo, sings the entire work while standing on a platform some 20 feet above the floor. It’s as if he is suspended on a confined performing space right in front of the audience. (The set design is by Jim Findlay.) ”