Decoder at Pioneerworks- July 8, 2019

Tickets at the link. July 8, 2019 9pm
159 Pioneer Street
Red Hook, Brooklyn, Earth

“Burroughs has great insight into media and internet addiction,” explains the director Mallory Catlett. “Junk is image, he said. DECODER cuts up the image prison to inoculate, like a vaccine against a virus, to strengthen your resistance to the media oversaturation that often tricks you into accepting injustice as normal, unavoidable and inevitable.”

DECODER: Ticket That Exploded is the middle part of the trilogy in which Catlett and her team (known for their previous collaboration on the multiple award-winning Chekhovian show This Was The End) have been working on since 2015. The series is awaiting its NYC premiere in 2020 at the Chocolate Factory.

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