Oper& world premiere March 8

I’m really looking forward to bringing this next project to life down at Duke Performances in a few weeks.

John and Bill have been a blast to collaborate with and were very generous in opening up their process. The results are going to be something that I think has the first condition of the best kind of work: none of us would have made this without each other; including video designer Keith Skretch and programmer Matthew Kenney.

And what is it? It’s an opera whose form and content is determined by algorithmic operations but that’s the dry version. The wet version is that it’s an artistic speculation about whatkind of stories the machines will tell about us when we’re gone.

With the fantastic Lorelei Ensemble,  lighting designer Masha Tsimring and choreographer Anna Barker.

World Premiere: THE_OPER& by John Supko & Bill Seaman Directed by Jim Findlay Performed by Lorelei Ensemble