Vine of the Dead at Fusebox Festival

Just returned to Brooklyn from a great week in Austin. Too brief to be honest given how much transpired. We got treated with stellar hospitality, fell in love immediately with our AirBnb house and the porch and the insane amount of different kinds of birds seemingly everywhere and at every hour.

But we also resurrected Vine of the Dead for the third time now and coming back to it was rich in a way that was really satisfying. Thanks due to the Ron Berry and Kim Turner and Oliver Freeman and Stephen Pruitt and Marcy and Kenny and Jen and Jeff, all fusebox warriors and to Zach and Ernesto and all the Museum of Human Acheivement folks who made us feel really welcome. And of course healer Ira Knox who came in and shared some of his practice with us.

Here’s a great shot Marcy our venue manager took from “the other side”.

More documentation coming soon.

And here’s a few features and a review from fuseboxes blog:

l to r: Ryan, Mo, Aleta, Jim, Jake, Jessie and Janet